Saturday, January 19, 2013

Techno Serve Calling Business and Enterprise Development Consultants

Techno Serve

Business Solutions to Poverty

Calling Business and Enterprise Development Consultants

Since 1968, our programs have focused on developing entrepreneurs, building businesses and industries, and improving the business environment.

Our scaled-up initiatives and expansion into new industries and regions build upon and adapt our successful business models and programs.

Techno Serve is calling for consultants in the following fields to submit their company profiles and interest in being included in our database for future reference and potential engagement as opportunities arise:

    * Entrepreneurship
    * Support to small and medium enterprises
    * Youth development and training
    * Tertiary development
    * Agribusiness development
    * Monitoring and evaluation
    * Sub sector mapping
    * Case study review and development
    * Market mapping and development
    * Farmer organization development and training
    * Training in agro-processing
    * Gender analysis and planning
    * Knowledge management
    * Micro finance
    * Adult learning and curriculum

Interested firms should submit their detailed company profiles by 25th January 2013 to